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‘The Cranial Nerves’



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M & N Hanhart, Engraver

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Books/Flower, W. H_Diagrams of the nerves of the Human Body_1872




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The plate illustrates the distribution of the first six pairs of cranial nerves.

As numbered on the plate:

1. The olfactory nerve
2. The optic nerve
3. The third nerve
4. The fourth nerve
5. The fifth nerve
6. The sixth nerve
7. The facial nerve
8. The auditory nerve
9. The glosso-pharyngeal nerve
10. The pneumogastric or vagus nerve
11. The spinal accessory nerve
12. The hypoglossal nerve

Plate 1 from the monograph Diagrams of the Nerves of the Human Body by William Henry Flower FRS (London, J & A Churchill, 1872). Plate inscribed, ‘Plate.1. W.H.Flower. Delt. M&N. Hanhart imp.’

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