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‘The Peppermint Tree’ [Eucalyptus]




Frederick Polydor Nodder (1710-1804, British), Painter

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Botanical study of leaves and fruit of Sydney peppermint, Eucalyptus piperita a tree native to Australia.

Plate 23 from Journal of a voyage to New South John White (J.Debrett, London, 1790).

The accompanying text states that: “This tree grows to the height of more than a hundred feet...the bark is very smooth, like that of the poplar...The name of Peppermint Tree has been given to this plant by Mr. White on account of the very great resemblance between the essential oil drawn from its leaves and that obtained from the Peppermint...”

The plate is inscribed: “F P Nodder delin. The Peppermint Tree. London Published as the Act directs Dec: 29, 1789, by I.Debrett.”

“The Public may rely, with the most perfect confidence, on the care and accuracy with which the Drawings have been copied from nature, by Miss Stone, Mr.Catton, Mr.Nodder, and other artists; and the Editor flatters himself the Engravings are all executed with equal correctness, by, or under the immediate inspection of Mr.Milton. The Birds, &c. from which the drawings were taken are deposited in the Leverian Museum.”

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