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‘Ragactis, Anemonia, Aiptasia…' [Sea anemones]



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Werner & Winter GmbH, Lithographers


Angelo Andres (1851-1934, Italian), Zoologist

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Marine biological studies showing seven figures of sea anemones classified by the author as: Ragactis pulchra (now Phymanthus pulcher, figures 1-2); Anemonia contarini (now Paranemonia cinerea, figure 3); Aiptasia mutabilis (trumpet anemone, figure 4); Bunodeopsis strumosa (figure 5); Paranthus chromatoderus (figure 6); and Paractinia striata (figure 7).

Plate 13 from the Naples Zoological Station journal series, this volume Le attinie. Monografia del Dr Angelo Andres (Leipzig, Wilhelm Englemann, 1884). German title: Fauna und flora des Golfes von Neapel und der Angrenzenden meres-abschniitte…von der Zoologischen Station zu Neapel. IX monographie: Die Actinien von Dr Angelo Andres.

Inscribed below: ‘Ragactis, Anemonia, Aiptasia, Bunodeopsis, Paranthus, Paractinia.. A. Andres ad viv pinx. Verlag v.Wilh.Engelmann, Leipzig. Lith. Anst.v.Werner & Winter, Frankfurt a/M.’

Angelo Andres (1851-1934) was a marine zoologist and friend of Felix Anton Dohrn FRS (1840-1909) first Director of the Stazione Zoologica, Naples, Italy.

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