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Albert Edgar Gendle (1886-1923, British), Meteorologist

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Instrument for measuring barometric pressure, captioned ‘Pen Barograph’ and including a thermometer within its glass case.

A text accompanying the illustration states that: ‘The air is exhausted from a series of corrugated boxes or aneroid capsules. These capsules, as the atmospheric pressure varies, either bulge out or squeeze in. They are connected together and act upon a set of levers which end in the pen. This pen marks on a uniformly revolving chart…’

Eskdalemuir Observatory was constructed in 1904 to make geomagnetic and other observations. It was sufficiently remote (located near Eskdalemuir, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland) to be free from electrical interference. Many of the instruments had originally been located at Kew Observatory

Albert Edgar Gendle (1886-1923) was Clerk Assistant to the Eskdalemuir Observatory until 1913, having worked as a boy at Kew Observatory. He then joined the Meteorological Office before becoming a lieutenant in the Royal Air Force in 1919. He was killed near Baghdad, Iraq, in 1923.

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