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Image number: RS.11605
Credit: ©The Royal Society

Spark discharge figure



Object type



height (drawing): 87mm
width (drawing): 107mm



Diagram created by sparking from Lord Armstrong’s machine for producing high tension electricity. These patterns were made in a powder of magnesium oxide (‘calcined magnesia’) and carbon black. The images were then photographed and drawings produced from them.

The author states in his paper that: ‘No.12 was similarly produced [to nos.10-11] but with a still further increase in the length of the wet string’.

Illustration from the manuscript version of the paper ‘On a multiple induction machine for producing high tension electricity, and on some remarkable results obtained with it’, by Lord Armstrong, Proceedings of the Royal Society, vol.52 (1892), pp.176-191. Printed as figure 12 plate 8 in the published paper.

The image is inscribed below in ink: ‘No.XII’ and in pencil ‘1/2’. Imprint details verso.

William George Armstrong, Baron Armstrong (1810-1900) armaments manufacturer and industrialist was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1846.

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