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Image number: RS.11621
Credit: ©The Royal Society

Impact on a liquid




Arthur Mason Worthington (1852-1916), Physicist

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height (drawing): 324mm
width (drawing): 199mm



Eight sketches in sequences showing the impact and splash of a sphere of marble upon the surface of water, ‘followed by a cone of apparently adherent air’.

Illustrations from the manuscript version of the paper ‘On impact with a liquid surface’, by A. M. Worthington, Proceedings of the Royal Society, vol.34 (1882), pp.217-230. The published paper reproduced five of these as series 8 figures 1-5, on p.229.

Inscribed above in ink: ‘Plate VIII’, corrected to ‘IX (contd) Series 4’. Instructions in blue pencil above each column of drawings ‘Engrave as Series VIII’. Inscribed in partially erased pencil ‘Marble sphere…dropped from height of 62 cm…sphere rough or wet.’

Arthur Mason Worthington (1852-1916) was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1893.

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