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Image number: RS.11622
Credit: ©The Royal Society

Impact on a liquid




Arthur Mason Worthington (1852-1916), Physicist

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height (drawing): 330mm
width (drawing): 205mm



Five sketches in two sequences showing the impact and splash of a sphere of marble upon the surface of water, illustrating the collapse of the temporary craters formed and the creation of a bubble.

Illustrations from the manuscript version of the paper ‘On impact with a liquid surface’, by A. M. Worthington, Proceedings of the Royal Society, vol.34 (1882), pp.217-230. The published paper reproduced the first two sketches as series 8 figures 6-7, on p.229; the three drawings as series 9 figures 1-3.

Inscribed above in ink: ‘Plate VIII series 4 contd.’, corrected to ‘IX’ ’. Blue pencil inscriptions change this to ‘Series VIII continued’ and ‘Engrave as Series IX’ for the lower figures.

Arthur Mason Worthington (1852-1916) was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1893.

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