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Edison light bulb




William Henry Preece (1834-1913, British), Electrical engineer

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height (drawing): 115mm
width (drawing): 79mm



Diagram of an experimental electric light bulb constructed ‘so that no portion of the filament was opposed by right lines to the metal plate’, manufactured by Thomas Edison.

Figure 4 from the manuscript version of the paper ‘On a peculiar behaviour of glow-lamps when raised to high incandescence’, by William Henry Preece, Proceedings of the Royal Society, v.38 (1884), pp.219-230. The printed illustration reverses the orientation of the figure.

The accompanying text stated that: ‘During my recent visit to America (October 1884), Mr. Edison showed me a very striking experiment with glow-lamps…Mr Edison made for me several lamps of different forms and character to enable me to investigate the phenomenon more carefully in England’.

Inscribed in ink above: ‘Fig. 4’ and in ink below: ‘Preece (50) 1885’.

Sir William Henry Preece (1834-1913) British electrical engineer and inventor was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1881.

Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) American inventor and businessman.

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