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Glow effects in mercury vapour




Arthur T. Stanton (d.1898, British), Physicist

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Experiments showing glow effects and dark intervals within glass tubes filled with mercury vapour. The glows formed near a negative electrode during sparking, the electrode formed of a tube of aluminium foil. The positive electrode of long aluminium wire ran parallel to this.

Illustrations from the manuscript version of the paper ‘Experiments on the discharge of electricity through gases. Sketch of a theory’, by Arthur Schuster, Proceedings of the Royal Society, vol.37 (1884), pp.317-339. The published version appeared as the Bakerian Lecture for 1884 and these illustrations form figures 4-9 of plate 4.

Inscribed in ink with figure and page numbers. Small pencil drawings appear beneath the photographs, some not used.

Sir Arthur Schuster [formerly Franz Arthur Friedrich] (1851-1934) German-born British physicist was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1879.

Arthur T. Stanton (d.1898) acted as Arthur Schuster’s experimental assistant at the University of Manchester.

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