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‘Ceratosaurus nasicornis’



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Side view of a reconstruction of the fossilized skeletal remains of a Jurassic period dinosaur, Ceratosaurus nasicornis.

Plate 14 from the book The dinosaurs of North America by Othniel Charles Marsh (Washington, 1896).

The accompanying description states that: ‘The most interesting carnivorous dinosaur from the American Jurassic, and, one of the best known, is Ceratosaurus…the type specimen…described by the writer in 1884, presented several characters not before seen in the Dinosauria. One of these is a large horn core on the skull…[and] in the pelvis, which has the bones coossified, as in existing birds.’

Inscribed above: ‘U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY SIXTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT PART I PL.XIV.’ Inscribed below: ‘RESTORATION OF CERATOSAURUS NASICORNIS Marsh. One-thirtieth natural size. Jurassic, Colorado.’

Othniel Charles Marsh (1831-1899) American palaeontologist and Yale University professor, known for participating in the ‘bone wars’ against Edward Drinker Cope.

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