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Philip Henry Gosse (1810-1888, British), Naturalist

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Microscopic views of 24 different species of rotifer

Figure 1 Philodina microps Gosse
Figure 2 Proales Theodora (here styled Notommata theodora)
Figure 3 Notommata limax Gosse
Figure 4 Proales coryneger Gosse
Figure 5 Furcularia lactistes Gosse
Figure 6 Furcularia molaris Gosse
Figure 7 Furcularia sphaerica Gosse
Figure 8 Cephalodella sterea (here styled Furcularia sterea)
Figure 9 Cephalodella eva (here styled Furcularia eva)
Figure 10 Encentrum Aquila (here styled Diglena Aquila)
Figure 11 Diglena rosa Gosse
Figure 12 Distemma platyceps Gosse
Figure 13 Trichocerca iernis (here styled Mastigocerca iernis)
Figure 14 Diaschiza fretalis Gosse
Figure 15 Diaschiza acronota Gosse
Figure 16 Lecane lipara (here styled Distyla lipara)
Figure 17 Lepadella pygmaea (here styled Metopidia pygmaea)
Figure 18 Dispinthera capsa Gosse
Figure 19 Monura bartonia Gosse
Figure 20 Monura loncheres Gosse
Figure 21 Mytilia poecilops Gosse
Figure 22 Mytilia product Gosse
Figure 23 Anuraea schist Gosse
Figure 24 Notholca labis Gosse

Both sets of drawings inscribed ‘P.H.G del ad nat. New Rotifera.’ Inscribed on facing page ‘24 Original drawings for the Supplement by P.H. Gosse.’ Species listed ‘1. Philodina microps a dorsal view; b side do:; c corona; e dorsal antenna 2. Notommata Theodora a dorsal view; b side do:; c hind end, foot withdrawn 3. Notommata limax a dorsal view; b side do:; c brain & eye 4. Proales coryneger a dorsal view; b side do: 5. Furcularia lactistes do: do: 6. Furcularia molaris do: do: 7. Furcularia sphaerica do: do: 8. Furcularia sterea 9. Furcularia eva do: do:; mastax 10. Diglena Aquila do: do:; c head front view; d side do: 11. Diglena rosa a side view; b dorsal view 12. Distemma platyceps a dorsal view; b side view 13. Mastigocerca iernis a 3-quarter dorsal view; b hind end 14. Diaschiza fretalis a dorsal view; b, c, trophi 15. Diaschiza acronota side view 16. Distyla lipara dorsal view 17. Metopidia pygmaea a dorsal view; b side view; c cross section 18. Dispinthera capsa do: do: 19. Monura bartonia a side view; b ventral view 20. Monura loncheres do:; b hind notch in lorica 21. Mytilia poecilops a dorsal view; b ventral view c cross section 22. Mytilia producta do: do: 23. Anuraea schista do: do: 24. Notholca labis a dorsal vew; b lorica, side view.’

Illustrations from The original drawings of the Rotifer by Charles Thomas Hudson, 1886. These appear to be the original drawings for the article Twenty-four more New Species of Rotifera by P.H. Gosse, FRS, Hon. F.R.M.S. read 12th October 1887, published in the Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society volume 7, p.861-871, pl.14-15 1887

Philip Henry Gosse (1810-1888) was a British naturalist he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1856.

Object history

Presented by Miss Florence Hudson, 1921.

The donation is recorded in the Royal Society’s Council Minutes: ‘The Secretaries reported the receipt of a bound volume of original drawings of the Rotifera, by C.T. Hudson, F.R.S., bequeathed to the Society by the late Miss Florence Hudson.’ Royal Society Minutes of Council, Printed, v.12 1920-1926, minute 17, meeting 28 April 1921, p.43.

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