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Image number: RS.13247
Credit: ©The Royal Society

Watermill, Waddon, Croydon


ca.18th century


Unknown, Printmaker


John Smeaton (1724-1792, British), Civil engineer

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height (drawing): 525mm
width (drawing): 354mm



Elevation of water wheel and shuttle for an unidentified mill, possibly at Waddon.

Inscribed on verso by John Farey ‘Note. In the very last letter in Mr. Smeaton’s letter book, see LS 17, 145, respecting Waddon mill he speaks of having sent drawings of the inside machinery of a mill to an engraver.’

Original drawing from Designs by the late John Smeaton made on various occasions in the course of his employment as a Civil Engineer from the year 175[?] to 179[?], Volume 1. Containing Designs for Wind Mills and Water Mills for Grinding Corn. Collected and arranged by John Farey, 1821.

John Smeaton (1724-1792) was a British civil engineer, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1753.

John Farey (1766-1826) was a British geologist and surveyor, he worked on the published reports of John Smeaton’s work between 1809 and 1812.

Object history

Smeaton’s Designs were received by bequest of Mr Edward Farey in November 1913 as indicated in the copies of outgoing correspondence bound in the New Letter Books of the Royal Society, NLB/49/185 and NLB/49/312.

The collection was originally purchased after Smeaton’s death in 1795 by Sir Joseph Banks, President of the Royal Society and member of the Committee of the Smeaton Society of Civil Engineers. The committee undertook to publish a comprehensive selection of reports on the drawings which was entrusted to John Farey sr (1766-1826) and assisted by his better-known son John Farey jr (1791-1851) mechanical engineer and Fellow of the Royal Society. The work began in 1809 and resulted in three published volumes, Reports of the late John Smeaton FRS, made on various occasions of his employment as a civil engineer, London, 1812.

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