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Credit: ©The Royal Society

Portrait of Ko Paora Matutaera




Arnold Meermann (1829-1908, German), Lithographer


Charles Heaphy (1820-1881, British), Painter

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height (print): 265mm
width (print): 185mm



Full-length study of Ko Paora Matutaera, also known as Paul Marshall, a Māori chief of Kapanga, Coromandel Harbour, Waikato, New Zealand.

The subject is shown standing outside a whare whakairo (carved meeting house). He wears a white shirt or tunic with rolled sleeves and a blue and yellow kilt. The shirt is adorned with a waist sash and patterned necktie and the sitter wears a kahu kiwi (prestige feather cloak) across his shoulders. Additional personal decoration is in the form of tā moko (facial tattooing), feathers worn in the hair and a green pendant earring. He holds a mere (pounamu or greenstone weapon) in his right hand as a symbol of chieftainship and has a leaning shotgun or double-barrelled rifle.

Frontispiece plate from the book Neu-Seeland by Ferdinand von Hochstetter (Stuttgart, 1863).

Inscribed below: ‘Ch. Heaphy del. A. Meermann sc. Ko Paora Matutaera (Paul Marschall) Maorihauptling am Kapanga Coromandelhafen Prov. Auckland.’

Christian Gottlieb Ferdinand Ritter von Hochstetter (1829-1884), German geologist active in Austria and New Zealand.

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