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Map of the voyage of Jacob Roggeveen




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Map of the world, from China and Siam to the west, to coast of Africa and Europe in the east, concentrating on the Southern Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

The route of the three vessels commanded by Jacob Roggeveen is shown, from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, across the Pacific Ocean to Batavia (Jakata, Indonesia), where Roggeveen’s surviving two vessels were seized. The map shows the northern and eastern coastlines of Australia (New Holland), with partial coastlines of New Zealand and Tasmania (Van Diemen’s Land). California appears as an island off the North American coast.

Folding plate from the book Tweejarige Reyze rondom de wereld ter nader ontdekkinge der onbekende zuydlanden, met drie schepen in het jaar 1721 (Dordrecht, Hendrik de Koning, 1764). With a cartouche: ‘KAART der REYZE van drie Schepen naar het ZUYDLAND in de Jahren 1721 et 1722.’

Jacob Roggeveen (1659-1729) Dutch explorer, was not a Fellow of the Royal Society. In 1721 he was sponsored by the Dutch West India Company to seek Terra Australis, but instead found but instead found Easter Island, Rapa Nui, called so because he landed there on Easter Sunday. His fleet consisted of three ships, Arend, Thienhoven, and Afrikaansche Galey.

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