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Baron butterflies




Frederic C Moore (active 1880s-1890s, British), Artist

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Entomological studies of butterflies and a caterpillar.

Figures 1 and 1a are male and female Euthalia libentina, or gaudy baron butterflies. Their uppersides are a dark greenish-brown, their forewings are striped with red, red and white in the case of the female, with two marginal rows on their hindwings, spotted red and black.

Figure 1b depicts the larval stage of the gaudy baron. It is green with ten green spines, each topped with crimson. Shown side on, the caterpillar is positioned on a branch.

Figures 2 and 2a are male and female Euthalia aconthea, or common baron butterflies, referred to here as Euthalia garuda. Their uppersides are brown, slightly paler brown in the case of the female, and black lines and dots cover the fore and hindwings.

Plate 16 from The Lepidoptera of Ceylon, by Frederic Moore, vol. 1 (1880-1881). Frederic Moore (1830-1907) British entomologist was not a Fellow of the Royal Society. Moore's son, Frederic C Moore, illustrated this volume.

Inscribed below: ‘F.C. Moore del el Lith L. Reeve & Co. London Vincent Brooks Day & Son Imp'

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