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Butterflies and caterpillars




Frederic C Moore (active 1880s-1890s, British), Artist

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Entomological studies of butterflies and caterpillars.

Figure 1 is a male Phalanta phalanta, or the common leopard butterfly, referred to here as Atella phalanta. It’s upperside is yellow and covered in black spots. To the right as viewed is its larval stage. It is purple with black spines, while the pupa below is pale green.

Figures 2 and 2a are male and female Argynnis hyperbius, or Indian fritillary butterflies, referred to here as Acidalia niphe. Their uppersides are yellow and covered in black spots. The female’s forewing is bordered by a blue margin and crossed by a white band, and both male and female display a blue margin on their hindwing.

Figure 2b depicts the larval and pupa stage of the Indian fritillary.

Plate 31 from The Lepidoptera of Ceylon, by Frederic Moore, vol. 1 (1880-1881). Frederic Moore (1830-1907) British entomologist was not a Fellow of the Royal Society. Moore's son, Frederic C Moore, illustrated this volume.

Inscribed below: ‘F.C. Moore del el Lith L. Reeve & Co. London Vincent Brooks Day & Son Imp’

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