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Wind, temperature and rainfall graph




Luke Howard (1772-1864, British), Meteorologist

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Graph detailing prevailing wind directions, rain depth, and mean temperature over a period of eighteen years, 1815-1832, in London. The years are listed along the horizontal access, and all variables are listed on the vertical access: wind proportion/direction, mean temperature and rain depth from top to bottom respectively.

Different colours, green, pink, yellow and blue, are used to represent the different directions of winds, and the graph suggests a higher frequency of west-northerly and south-westerly winds over eastward blowing winds.

Blue and pink are used to demonstrate periods below and above an average of 49.51◦, with the lowest temperatures seen in 1816 and the highest in 1828, and a line graph demonstrates average rainfall depth, below and above an average of 29.827 inches, with the rainiest period in 1826.

Diagram 2 from a paper sent to the Royal Society by Luke Howard, ‘On the proportions of the prevailing winds, mean temperature and depth of rains, in the climate of London’.

Luke Howard (1772-1864) British manufacturing chemist and meteorologist was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1821.

Object history

Object history
This paper was received at the Royal Society on 1 April 1841 and read on 22 April 1841. It was not published by the Society in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.

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