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Gletcherhorn, Berne


26 September 1673


Henri Justel (1620-1693, French), librarian

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A small drawing of Gletcherhorn, Berne, showing the mountain, rivulet and huts, in Henri Justel's letter dated Paris, 26 September 1673 to Henry Oldenburg. It was read at the meeting of 1 December 1673 and published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol. 8, no. 100 (1674), pp. 6191-92.

This drawing is copied in LBC/6/361b.

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At the meeting of the Royal Society on 11 December 1673, ‘A letter of Mons. Justel to Mr. Oldenburg, from Paris, 26th September, 1673, was likewise read; containing a description of the icy mountain, called Gletcher, in the canton of Berne in Helvetia’ (Birch 3:115).

H. Justel, 'A description and representation of the icy mountain called the Gletscher, in the canton of Berne, which was formerly taken notice of in Number 49', Phil. Trans. vol. 8, no. 100 (January and February, 1674), pp. 6191-92.

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Henry Oldenburg (1612-1677, German), Scientific correspondent

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