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7 April 1674

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Parhelia observed by Johannes Hevelius near Marienburg (Malbork, Poland) on 5 February 1674. Hevelius's letter was read at the meeting of the Royal Society on 23 April 1674, and printed in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol. 9, no. 102, pp. 26-27.

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At the meeting of the Royal Society on 23 April 1674, ‘Mr. Oldenburg read a letter to himself from Mr. Hevelius, dated at Dantzick, 26th March 1674. [...] In this letter Mr. Hevelius describes a phaenomenon seen by himself about Marienburgh in Prussia, 5th February 1673/4, wherein the sun appeared with a very long tail, and a mock-sun directly under him’ (Birch 3:133).

Printed as figs 3-5, Parhelia observed by Hevelius, 5 February 1674, not far from Marienburg, in 'A certain phaenomenon seen by Monsieur Hevelius Feb 5 1674', Phil. Trans. vol. 9, no. 102 (April 1674), pp. 26-27.

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Johannes Hevelius (1611-1687, German/Polish), Astronomer
Henry Oldenburg (1612-1677, German), Scientific correspondent

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