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A star fish




Unknown, Artist

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vol10 p242b



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Drawing of a star fish on a small piece of paper from Esprit Cabart de Villermont, Governor General of Cayenne, enclosed in Henri Justel's letter to Francis Aston, which was read to the Royal Society on 18 June 1684.

This image is copied from the one in LBO/10/194a.


On a trouvé que c'est une gomme par un passage d'un Historien Espagnol que je vous envoye aussi bien que la figure d'un Poisson
Transcribed by the Making Visible project

Object history

15 July 1685, ‘A letter of Mons. Justel to Mr Aston was read[…]. There were likewise sent from Mons. Villermont the figures of a star-fish, and of the fruit of the cinnamon of the Amazons, seeming to be like a pine-apple’ (Birch 4:415).

Related Fellows

Henri Justel (1620-1693, French), Librarian
Francis Aston (1644-1715, British), Natural philosopher
Esprit Cabart de Villermont (1612-1707, French)

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