Nova near Cygnus and the ring of Saturn

    25 July 1670
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    A figure indicating the position of a nova near the beak of the Cygnus as observed by Johannes Hevelius in Gdansk on 25 July 1675, and a figure of the ring of Saturn observed on 26 August 1675. These figures were included in a letter by Hevelius to Oldenburg dated 27 August 1670 (EL/H2/22).

    Oldenburg read the letter to the meeting on 27 October 1670, and both figures were printed in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol. 5, no. 65 (November 1670).

    This is a copy of LBO/4/057a.
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    At the meeting of the Royal Society on 27 October 1670, ‘Mr. Oldenburg read likewise two other letters, to himself, the one from Mr. Hevelius, dated 27 Aug. 1670, N.S., containing two observations of his concerning a new star near the rostrum cygni, and the present appearance of Saturn’ (Birch 2:449).

    J. Hevelius, 'A new star in Cygnus observed 25 July 1670', Phil. Trans. vol. 5, no. 65 (November 1670), pp. 2087-91, which reproduces the images at tab. 1, fig. 1.
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    Johannes Hevelius (1611 - 1687, German/Polish) , Astronomer
    Henry Oldenburg (1612 - 1677, German) , Scientific correspondent
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