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2 January 1661


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Diagram to measure the height of a mountain in the margin of a list of quicksilver experiments to be conducted in Tenerife, as proposed by William Brouncker and Robert Boyle on 2 January 1661. This was the first set of experiments that were entered in the Royal Society's Register Book, but this diagram was not copied in.

Object history

At the meeting of the Royal Society on 5 December 1660, it was ordered, ‘That it be referred to the lord viscount Brouncker, Mr. Boyle, Sir Robert Moray, Dr. Petty, and Mr. Wren, to prepare some questions, in order to the tryal of the quicksilver experiment upon Teneriffe’ (Birch 1:5).

2 January 1661, ‘On this day were entered into the register-book of the society the following questions, propounded by the lord viscount Brouncker and Mr. Boyle, according to an order of the society of the 5th of December, and agreed upon to be sent to Teneriffe’ (Birch 1:8).

Related Fellows

William Brouncker, 2nd Viscount Brouncker of Lyons (1620-1684, British), Mathematician
Viscount Dungarvan Charles Boyle (1639-1694, British), Politician

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