Credit: ┬ęThe Royal Society
    Image number: RS.15299

    Way to manage long telescopes

    17th century
    Unknown, Artist
    Object type
    Archive reference number
    height (Page): 311mm
    width (Page): 437mm
    This image carries the endorsement 'Figure of a way to manage Long Telescopes. II. 31. N[ot] P[rinted]' depicts a telescope Robert Southwell encountered while in Italy and and is referred to in a letter he wrote to Robert Boyle (BL 6, fos 54-5. Fol/2).

    A simplified version of this image exists with the title 'Draft of a Concerted Tube at Florence' in the papers collected by Robert Southwell.
    Related fellows
    Robert Boyle (1627 - 1691, British) , Natural philosopher
    Robert Hooke (1635 - 1703, British) , Natural philosopher
    Robert Southwell (1635 - 1702, British) , Diplomat
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