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A glass instrument to measure rainfall in Gresham College


13 January 1697


Henry Hunt (d.1713, British), Natural philosopher

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The drawing shows a device to collect rain water, which was used by Henry Hunt at Gresham College. He collected rain water for an entire year between 12 August 1695 and 12 August 1696. The table with the results and this drawing of the device were printed in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol. 19, no. 223 (1696/7).


p. 1: An account of the quantety of Raine fallen in one yeare in Gresham College per HHunt begun August 12, 1695 Munday morning and way'd every munday morning till August 12 1696 by pounds, ounses and grains Troy weight
the diameter of the vesel which receives the rain being 11 inches and 4/10 or 114 tenth parts of an inch, whose area is 102 inches more 11/100 pts and 1/7 of a hundreth part being little more then 102 1/10 inches.

p. 3: A.B.C.D. is a frame to support the Glases E is a large bold head with a neck of 20 inches longe and capable of holding about 2 galons.
F is a funel whose diameter being 11 inches and 4/10 from G to H.
E.K. are two stays or pack threads, which are strain'd by two pins
L.M. to hold the funel ste[a]dy against the high winds N. the pipe of the funel at N. being not wider then 1/5 of an inch thorrow which the evaporation can be but little.
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On 1[3] January 1697, 'Mr Hunts observations concerning the quantity of rain fallen at Gresham colledge for one year was read, it was ordered to be printed in the Transactions together with a Draught and an account of the Instruments with which they were made to be given by Mr Hunt next meeting' (JBO/10/11). There is no entry relating to this for the meeting of 20 January.

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