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A moving bog


7 June 1697


Unknown, Artist

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This figure indicates the extent of a peat landslide, in the direction from A to B, at Cappanihane, Co. Limerick, Ireland on 7 June 1697. It was reported by William Molyneux to the Royal Society and printed in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol. 19, no. 233 (1697).

Object history

4 August 1697, 'Part of a letter from Mr Bateman near Charleville in Ireland to the Lady Nevill was read wherein there was a relation of a bogg which had moved from one place to another, as alsoe part of a printed paper was read relating to the same. It was ordered that Captain Hatton should be thanked for communicating these papers and that Dr Sloane should write into Ireland to have a further account of it' (JBO/10/46).

'Part of a letter dated June 7 1697, giving an account of a moving bog in Ireland. A description of this bog, and account of the motion thereof by Mr John Honohane, communicated by William Molyneux’, Phil. Trans., vol. 19, no. 233 (October 1697), pp. 714-16 (p. 716).

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William Molyneux (1656-1698, British), Astronomer

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