Fallopian tube

    15 January 1694
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    Sketch of an abnormality in the fallopian tube, reported to the Royal Society on 24 January 1694 and subsequently printed in P. Buissiere, ‘Concerning an egg found in the tuba Fallopiana of a woman lately dissected’, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol. 18, no. 207 (January 1694), pp. 11-14. Paul Buissière (d. 1729) was a highly successful French surgeon working in London.

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    A Letter from Monsieur Bussiere surgeon concerning an Egg found in the Tuba fallopiana of a Woman lately dissected with several remarkes touching generation.
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    At the meeting of the Royal Society on 24 January 1694, 'Dr Sloan read an account of one Mr Bussiere a French surgeon concerning an observation lately made by him in the Dissection of a woman not long after conception, wherein it was found, that the Tuba Fallopiana was much dilated wrapt over the ovarie, and an egg of about three quarter of an Inch diameter fallen therein in order to be conveyed to the Uterus. On the Egg were observable severall small vessels on one side thereof, which were taken to be there designed for the vessels of the future placenta Uterina; And the like was observed in the Uterus of a Sow' (JBO/9/151).
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    Paul Buissiere (1650 - 1739, French ) , Surgeon
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