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Coal pits at Wingersworth


18 November 1675


Francis Jessop (active 1673-1675)

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Relative position of four coal pits in Wingersworth, in Francis Jessop's reply to queries from Robert Boyle and Henry Oldenburg. This was enclosed in a letter dated 18 November 1675 and read at the meeting on 2 December 1675. It was printed in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Soceity, vol. 10, no. 119 (November 1675).

Object history

At the meeting of the Royal Society on 2 December 1675, ‘Mr. Oldenburg read a letter to himself from Mr. Francis Jessop of Broomhall in Yorkshire, dated 18 November, 1675, containing a farther account of the fulminating damps in the mines of Wingernorth, of which he had sent some relation; together with an answer to several queries, that were sent him on that occasion’ (Birch 3:246).

Printed in Francis Jessop, ‘A further account of damps in mines’, Phil. Trans. vol. 10, no. 119 (November 1675), pp. 450-54 (p. 451).

Related Fellows

Henry Oldenburg (1612-1677, German), Scientific correspondent
Robert Boyle (1627-1691, British), Natural philosopher

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