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Blood circulation in tadpoles


25 September 1699


Unknown, Artist

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height (page): 200mm
width (page): 150mm



Five figures drawn on a separate sheet of paper, in a letter from Antoni van Leeuwenhoek to the Royal Society.

Fig. 1: blood vessel in a tadpole, just wider than a blood particle
Fig. 2: a bigger blood vessel
Fig. 3: an artery
Fig. 4: an unusual blood vessel or artery
Fig. 5: the tadpole.

Object history

Mentioned in the Journal Book, 29 November 1699, 'A letter from Mr Leuwenhoeck to Dr Sloane concerning the circulation of the blood' (JBO/10/152).

The letter and images are printed in:
A. Leeuwenhoek, 'Part of a letter from Mr. Lewenhoek, concerning the circulation and globules of the blood in butts', Phil. Trans. vol. 22, no. 263 (May 1701), pp. 552-60.

A. van Leeuwenhoek, Sevende vervolg der brieven (Delft: H. van Krooneveld, 1702), pp. 113-26.

A. à Leeuwenhoek, Epistolae ad Societatem Regiam Anglicam (Leiden: J. A. Langerak, 1719), pp. 107-20.

Related Fellows

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723, Dutch), Naturalist

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