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Microscopic observations of the intestines of a woman


20 April 1706


Unknown, Artist

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height (page): 288mm
width (page): 166mm



Print of etching. Original drawings no longer exist. Letter from Antoni van Leeuwenhoek to the Royal Society.

Observations of the intestines of a woman who had been hanged: an account of the various layers and fibres of the colon.

Van Leeuwenhoek writes that he did his observations together with Bidloo, who came to his house in Delft.

Object history

22 May 1706, 'A letter was read from Mr Leeuwenhoeck concerning the appearance in the Microscope of the gutts of a woman executed. He was ordered to be thanked' (JBO/11/93).

Printed as:
Figs 1-5 in A. Leeuwenhoek, ‘Microscopical Observations on the Blood Vessels and Membranes of the Intestines’, Phil. Trans., vol. 26, no. 314 (March and April 1708), pp. 53-58.

Related Fellows

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723, Dutch), Naturalist
Govard Bidloo (1649-1713, Dutch), Physician

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