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Figures of snails


12 March 1674


William Lodge (1649-1689, British), Printmaker

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Figures of snails done by William Lodge for Martin Lister, who included it in his letter dated 12 March 1673 at York to Henry Oldenburg. The letter included classification of the figures of snails and a discussion by Nathaniel Johnston (1627-1706) of 'animal stones'.

Lister's letter was read to the Royal Society on 2 April 1673, and his account of snails was printed in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol. 9, no. 105 (July 1674). Johnston's observations were printed in Philosophical Transactions, vol. 9, no. 101 (March 1674).

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At the meeting of the Royal Society on 2 April 1674, ‘Mr. Oldenburg read a letter to himself from Mr. Lister, dated 12th March, 1673/4, giving an account of an observations of Dr. Johnson of Pontefract, concerning some stones of a perfect gold colour found in animals’ (Birch 3:132).

Printed in Martin Lister, 'First part of his tables of snails', Phil. Trans. vol. 9, no. 105 (July 1674), pp. 96-99. 'The lively figure of each shell for illustrations, done by Mr Lodge' (p. 96). 'Note, that the Figures are numbered and explained by the Tables [on p. 99]' (p. 98).

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Martin Lister (1639-1712, British), Physician
Henry Oldenburg (1612-1677, German), Scientific correspondent

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