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Design of a furnace




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Design of a furnace and how to build and use it. In the papers of Robert Boyle.


make the ashe hole ten inches high. 7 inches broad with a doore of 50 inches square. then iust under the grate, make the aire hole 5 inches square & 4 inches above the grate set the doore 5 inches wide & 7 high & let the fire place be 8 inches wide & 12 or 14 inches high. then set on the tunnel which must be at lest (sic) 6 inches wide with a register to govern the fire. you must also have a reigster in the aire hole to governe ye aire pleasure (sic).

a. the ashe hole with the doore
b. the fire hole with a register
c. the grate
d. a Foote of earth standing on the grate to set a crucible upon
e. the furnace for fire
f. the doore of the furnace
g. the register above the fire
1. the tunnel.
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Robert Boyle (1627-1691, British), Natural philosopher

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