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Bony substances from a tumour and a prostate




Henry Hunt (d.1713, British), Artist

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A bony substance found in a tumour in the front of the neck in a woman about fifty years old, and small white substances found in the prostate of a very old man by James Douglas. These were printed in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol. 25, no. 305 (1706).


Inscription above the image: a bony substance like corall found in a tumour in ye fore part of ye neck sticking to the thyroidall glande/Fig. 1.
Inscription below the image, fig. 2: little hard substance found in the prostates of an old man an[n]o 1704 per HNT.
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James Douglas, 'An Account of a Very Large Tumour in the Fore Part of the Neck', Phil. Trans., vol. 25, no. 305 (1706), pp. 2214-19.

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James Douglas (1675-1742, British), Physician

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