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Anatomy of a hedgehog


late 17th - early 18th century


Richard Waller (1655-1715, British), Naturalist

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Drawing and description of dissected parts of a hedgehog by Richard Waller, probably in conjunction with Edward Tyson.


In Ink (in Richard Waller's hand): The Anatomie of an Hedge=Hog.
Fig. 1.
a. represents the tongue proportionably large in this sort of animal, that it ma be the better enabled to suck the cows by lapping the tongue about the teate of the baeste.
b. The roote of the Tongue
c. The Aspera Arteria
d.e.f. the right middle and left lobes of the full vessels.
Fig. 2.
shows the heart
Fig. 3.
The left kidney proportionably big.
Fig. 4. of the Baldder etc.
a. the bladder full of urine on wch the small vesells are visislbe
b. the Penis
cc. the Testicles
Fig. 5.
The Milt
Fig. 6. of ye Liver
aaaaaaa the Lobes or divisons of the Liver wherein some smaller vessells are to be seen.
b. the vescica biliaria very Turgid.
Fig. 7. of the Stoamck & Gut
a. the Gula enterring the Stomack towards the middle.
b. The Stomack very full of cagulated milke
ccccc the fist Gut or ye Crassum about a yard Long
dddd, The Second or Gracile, about 1/2 a yard long
ee, The third or Amplissimum distended with wind
f. The fourth or Return about 1 inch & 1/2
g. the Anus. without the sent bags.
This animal hath no Caecum.
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Richard Waller (1655-1715, British), Naturalist

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