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Instrument to measure the refractive power of air




Henry Hunt (d.1713, British), Artist

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height (paper): 190mm
width (paper): 380mm


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A drawing by Henry Hunt of an instrument used by John Lowthorp to experiment on the refraction of the air, which was submitted to the meeting of the Royal Society on 1 November 1699. It was printed in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol. 21 (1699).


signed Hhunt. At the bottom: Memorandum/to express the threads in the focus at p/to raise the cylinder upon the upright plate/to take Mr Halleys Numbers of the Refraction of water
Transcribed by the Making Visible project

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1 November 1699, 'A letter was read from Mr Lowthorp, with an enclosed paper, concerning the experiments about Refraction. It was ordered to be printed in the Transactions; and he was thanked' (JBO/10/147).

Printed in J. Lowthorp, ‘An experiment of the refraction of the air made at the command of the Royal Society, March 28, 1699’, Phil. Trans., vol. 21, no. 257 (October 1699), pp. 339-42.

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John Lowthorp (1654-1724, British English), Clergyman

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