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Image number: RS.17226
Credit: ©The Royal Society

Two diagrams on fortification


17th century - 18th century


Unknown, Artist

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height (page): 265mm
width (page): 190mm


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Two diagrams in a text entitled 'Della fortificatione'.

This manuscript on fortification and geometry is a teaching manual. It is a compilation of several texts: on fortification, practical geometry, on the spheres, on measuring, more geometry, and arithmetic. The first two texts (fols 1-82) are in a single fair hand. A different hand continues from fol. 83 onwards. Some of the figures and calculations in the Practical Geometry are added in this second hand, which seems to be that of a student.

The Fellows of the Royal Society were very interested in fortification as a form of military defence. The general skills of surveying buildings and constructions were well known by Fellows such as Jonas Moore, Christopher Wren and Robert Hooke, who were involved in the rebuilding of London after the great fire in 1666.

It is unknown when this manuscript entered the collections of the Royal Society.

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