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Image number: RS.17488
Credit: ©The Royal Society

Uterus of a bitch


April 1679


Unknown, Artist

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height (page): 198mm
width (page): 113mm



A drawing of the uterus of a bitch, presented to the Royal Society by Nehemiah Grew at a meeting on 3 April 1679.

Object history

At the meeting of the Royal Society on 3 April 1679, 'Dr. Grew [...] communicated several anatomical observations, with the following account of them [...] The uterus of a bitch, in which the os internum was of a very peculiar structure, being a nervous caruncle [sic] opening with four little lips cross-wise; that is, not horizontally, as in other animals, but perpendicularly; whereby the passage from the uterus is made more difficult. From which it may be, as from one cause, that a bitch is seldom or never known to bring an abortive birth' (Birch 3:475-76).

Related Fellows

Robert Hooke (1635-1703, British), Natural philosopher

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