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Experiment of making water out of air by a conical glass filled with salt




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Ink drawing of an experiment of making water out of air by a conical glass filled with salt, in the margin of John Aubrey's 'Memoires of Naturall Remarques in the county of Wiltshire, to which are annexed observables of the same kind in the county of Surrey and Flynt-shire'. The preface is dated 6 June 1685, and this is a copy transcribed by B. G. Cramer, Clerk to the Royal Society in 1690-91.


Besides that the Hill-Countrey is elevated so high in the Air: the Soile doth consist of Chalke, and Mawme, which abounds with Nitre, which craddles the Aire, and turnes it into Mists & Water. For Salts doe emitt raies of Cold, as fire does of warmth e.g. the Experiment of making water out of Air by a Conical glasse filled with Salt, and hung up, as in the margent [Fig 1]. the water will drop from the outside of the glasse. And I have a conceit, that it is after this manner, that many of our Springs on the high Hills, and above the Levell of the Sea, have their Original e.g. St Andrys well on the top of Bowr-Chalkdowne.

[Under figure]: Marne is an old French word for Marle
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By John Aubrey, FRS. This manuscript is a transcript of Aubrey's original manuscript (1685). It was transcribed by B. G. Cramer, Clerk to the Royal Society, at the behest of the Society in 1690-91.
At page 67 is inserted a map of a navigable passage from Bristol to London, engraved by Thomas Jenner in 1668, with the arms of the borough. Six leaves of additional matter are inserted at page 276, and four more at page 304.

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John Aubrey (1626-1697, British), Antiquary

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