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Market crosses




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Marginal drawing of market crosses at Salisbury, Malmesbury and Trowbridge. This image in 'Memoires of Naturall Remarques in the county of Wiltshire, to which are annexed observables of the same kind in the county of Surrey and Flynt-shire' by John Aubrey, FRS.


The Market-Crosses of Salisbury, Malmesbury, and Trow-bridge are very Noble: standing on Six Pillars, as in the Margent, and well vaulted over with freestone well carved: on every one of these Crosses above sayd the Crest of Hungerford [the Sickles] doth flourish like Parietaria or Wall-flower: as likewise on most publique buildings in these parts: which witnesse not onely their opulency, but Munificency. I doe think there is such another Crosse at Cricklade, with the Coate, and Crests of Hungerford.
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Object history

By John Aubrey, FRS. This manuscript is a transcript of Aubrey's original manuscript (1685). It was transcribed by B. G. Cramer, Clerk to the Royal Society, at the behest of the Society in 1690-91.
At page 67 is inserted a map of a navigable passage from Bristol to London, engraved by Thomas Jenner in 1668, with the arms of the borough. Six leaves of additional matter are inserted at page 276, and four more at page 304.

Related Fellows

John Aubrey (1626-1697, British), Antiquary
Viscount Dungarvan Charles Boyle (1639-1694, British), Politician

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