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Image number: RS.17976
Credit: ©The Royal Society

'Senna spuria mimosae'


mid 18th century


Jacob van Huysum (1682-1745, Dutch), Painter

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height: 375mm
width: 265mm


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Botanical study of a specimen of senna. This plant is native throughout the tropics. Painting shows a cut-off branch of yellow flowering plant, with flowers open and in bud, and green pinnate leaves

Painting 28 from MS/109, a collection of botanical paintings by Jacob van Huysum and William Sartorius.

Inscribed in ink 'Senna spuria Mimosae Foliis, frutescens & procumbens, flore maximo siliquis glabris Houst.' Not signed.

The plant was first sent to Britain from Veracruz, Mexico, by Dr William Houstoun.

Jacob van Huysum (1682-1745), Dutch botanical painter, was not a Fellow of the Royal Society. He produced most of the 50 illustrations for the Historia Plantarum Rariorum (London: 1728-38) written by John Martyn FRS, and all the drawings for Philip Miller’s Catalogus Plantarum (1730), an index of trees, shrubs, plants and flowers.

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