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Human uterus




Thomas Burgess (fl. 1758, British), Engraver

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Anatomical study of the human uterus in the ninth month of pregnancy. The woman’s lower abdomen is forward facing, tilted slightly to the right [as viewed] and dissected, with layers of tissue pinned back, exposing the outer uterine wall. Above, portions of the abdominal muscles and organs are visible.

Plate 2 from Charles Nicholas Jenty’s The Demonstrations of a Pregnant Uterus of a Woman at her Full Time in Six Tables, as large a Nature. Jenty printed and sold copies of this work from his house on Fetter-Lane.

Inscribed: Ionnes Van Riemsdyk a Natura Pinxit Londini 1757 Tho.s Burgess Sculp.’

Written in the preface to the work: ‘The Originals of the tables were taken from this Woman by Mr. Van Riemsdyk, and not done at random, or from fancy […] As for my part, I may venture to say, that nothing of this kind has, as yet, been published on this subject in such a State of Pregnancy, and deposited in the manner that these tables are’

Charles Nicholas Jenty (fl.1758) was not a Fellow of the Royal Society.

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