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    Butterfly egg cases

    Adam Wolfgang Winterschmidt (1733 - 1796, German) , Engraver
    Martin Frobene Ledermuller (1719 - 1769, German) , Naturalist
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    height (print): 245mm
    width (print): 195mm
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    Study of butterfly eggs, viewed by microscope, under magnification. With a circled inset detail showing the insect eggs at normal size, to give scale.

    Plate 16 from Amusement microscopique, tant pour l'esprit que pour les yeux, contenant... estampes... d'apres Martin Frobene Ledermuller, plates volume (Adam Wolfgang Winterschmidt, Nuremburg, 1764).

    Inscribed above: ‘TAB.XVI.’

    The accompanying text is headed: ‘Table XVI. Oeufs de Papillon, d’ou sont écloses de jeunes Chenilles.’ [Butterfly eggs, from which the young caterpillars are hatched].

    The author comments that: ‘Ce present, quoi q’il ne consistat qu’en Coques d’Oeufs casées, m’a trop fait de Plaisir, pour n’en pas faire part à mes Lecteurs. Je suis persuadé, qu'ils seront bien aises, que je leur en communique dans cette Table XVI un dessein bien rencontré. [This present figure, though it consists only of eggshell cases, has given me too much pleasure not to share it with my readers. I am convinced that they will be better if I relay this well-made design in plate XVI].

    Martin Frobene [Frobenius] Ledermuller (1719-1769) German naturalist was employed in various capacities as a notary, turning to microscope studies after an illness induced temporary deafness.
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