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    Adam Wolfgang Winterschmidt (1733 - 1796, German) , Engraver
    Martin Frobene Ledermuller (1719 - 1769, German) , Naturalist
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    Landscape study of cochineal production in South America, showing stages of the dye-making utilising the insects and showing their environment on the prickly pear cactus. Above, enlarged figures of the scale cochineal insect, Dactylopius coccus.

    Plate 28 from Amusement microscopique, tant pour l'esprit que pour les yeux, contenant... estampes... d'apres Martin Frobene Ledermuller, plates volume (Adam Wolfgang Winterschmidt, Nuremburg, 1764).

    Inscribed above: ‘TAB.XXVIII.’ Inscribed below: ‘M.F.L. del. A.W.W. ex:’

    The accompanying text is headed: ‘Table XXVIII. De la Cochenille.’ The author contrasts the insect with users of its carmine, stating that: ‘Je m’en vai en donner à ceux qui ne connoissent pas assé particulièrement cette Creature, une Esquille courte, mais cependent suffisante, & leur montrer, que la Cochienille est aussi une Insecte, qui ne perd sa veritable Figure, ne se retire & ne deviant dissorme, que parce qu’on le fait secher.’ [I am going to give a short sketch to those who do not know this creature particularly, sufficient to show them that the cochineal is also an insect, but one which does not lose its real figure, does not retire, and does becoming dissolute, because it is dried].

    Martin Frobene [Frobenius] Ledermuller (1719-1769) German naturalist was employed in various capacities as a notary, turning to microscope studies after an illness induced temporary deafness.
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