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    Adam Wolfgang Winterschmidt (1733 - 1796, German) , Engraver
    Martin Frobene Ledermuller (1719 - 1769, German) , Naturalist
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    height (print): 245mm
    width (print): 195mm
    Study of micro-organisms on the surface of ‘hay water’, viewed by microscope, under magnification. With an inset detail showing the chrysalis of a cochineal insect associated with plate 44 of this series.

    Plate 48 from Amusement microscopique, tant pour l'esprit que pour les yeux, contenant... estampes... d'apres Martin Frobene Ledermuller, plates volume (Adam Wolfgang Winterschmidt, Nuremburg, 1764).

    Inscribed above: ‘TAB.XLVIII.’

    The accompanying text is headed: ‘Table XLVIII. Vers de l’Eau de Foin’ [Worms in hay water]. The author comments in the associated text: ‘Ces Créatures sont de la Classe des Animaux d’Infusion…alors il s’élévera sur las Surface de l’Eau une Ecume brune, laquelle étant regardée au Travèrs du Microscope, se trouve contenir des Millions de ces Créatures, comme je l’ai très fidélement déssiné sur cette XLVIII etampe.’ [These creatures are of the class of brewing animals…a brown scum produced on the surface of the water, which, being looked at under the microscope, is found to contain millions of these creatures, as I have very faithfully drawn them on this plate 48.]

    Martin Frobene [Frobenius] Ledermuller (1719-1769) German naturalist was employed in various capacities as a notary, turning to microscope studies after an illness induced temporary deafness.
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