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Snail shell specimens




Emanuel Mendes da Costa (1717-1791), Naturalist

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Conchological study of twelve snail shell types.

Figures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 14 and 19 – the girdled snail shell, Hygromia cinctella, referred to in the associated description as Cochleae fasciata.
Figure 6 - the common bladder snail shell Physa fontinalis, referred to here as Fluviatiles adversus.
Figure 7 – the large necklace snail shell, Euspira catena, referred to here as Fluviatiles catena.
Figure 9 – the striated cone shell, Conus striatus, referred to here as Turso striatus.
Figure 10 – the hairy snail shell, Trochulus hispidus, referred to here as Helix hispida.
Figure 11 – the great pond snail shell Lymnaea stagnalis, referred to here as Fluviatiles stagnalis.
Figure 12 – the olive nerite snail, Neritina reclivata, referred to here as Fluviatiles nucleus.
Figure 13 – an unknown trianfractus shell type, with three spirals to its shell, referred to here as Fluviatiles trianfractus.
Figure 15 – an unknown strombiformis shell, referred to as Strombiformis perversus or the oat snail shell.
Figure 16 – the cylindrical cone shell Conus (turriconus) cylinraceus, referred to here as Turso cydindraceous cylindric.
Figure 17 – a Ampullaceana balthica shell, referred to here as Fluviatiles patulus.
Figure 18 – the piano snail shell Taia naticoides, referred to here as Turso glaser.

Plate 5 from Emanuel Mendes da Costa’s Historia naturalis testaceorum Britanniae, or, The British conchology: containing the descriptions and other particulars of natural history of the shells of Great Britain and Ireland (London, 1778), illustrated with figures, text in English and French.

Emanuel Mendes da Costa (1717-1791) naturalist was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1747.

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