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Group portrait of botanists




David Thoday (1883-1964), Botanist
Ronald D'Oyley Good (1896-1992, British), Botanist
Mary Gladys Thoday (1884-1943, British), Botanist
Reginald Walter Brock (1874-1935, Canadian), Geologist
Francis Ernest Lloyd (1868-1947, American), Botanist


Unknown, Photographer

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Scene at Niagara Glen, Ontario, Canada, showing a group of eight scientists [not all identified] gathered in woodland, around a barbecue or campfire, roasting food [mushrooms?] on sticks.

The image is from an album of original photographs, with postcards and other pictures collected during the British Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Toronto, Canada, 1924. The album shows participants in activities of Section K: Botany. This page is inscribed above: ‘Niagara Glen August 8th-10th’.

Image inscribed below: ‘Prof. Thoday. R.D’O Good [Brit: Museum]. Mrs. Thoday. Dean Brock [Brit: Columbia]. Prof. Lloyd [MacGill Univ:]’.

An account of the British Association gathering, by R D’O Good and A B Rendle, appeared in the Journal of Botany v.63 (1925), pp.1-9. ‘The second excursion comprised a week-end at Niagara Glen…where a canvas camp had been prepared for us by military authorities. Saturday was mainly devoted to a botanical ramble through the dense woods which line both sides of the gorge. The area is a government reserve, but Section K was permitted to botanize…’

David Thoday (1883-1964) British botanist, was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1942.
Ronald D’Oyley Good (1896-1992) British botanist. Employed at the British Museum (Natural History) and at the University of Hull.
Mary Gladys Thoday, nee Sykes (1884-1943) British botanist. A researcher and lecturer at Newnham and Girton Colleges, University of Cambridge.
Reginald Walter Brock (1874-1935) Canadian geologist and Dean of Applied Sciences at the University of British Columbia.
Francis Ernest Lloyd (1868-1947) American botanist. Professor at McGill University.

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