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Two botanists




Henry Horatio Dixon (1869-1953), Botanist
Joseph Hubert Priestley (1883-1944, Britsh), Botanist


Unknown, Photographer

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Portraits of Henry Horatio Dixon and Joseph Hubert Priestley, shown examining a bundle of plants held by Priestley, with a woodland scene behind.

The image is from an album of original photographs, with postcards and other pictures collected during the British Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Toronto, Canada, 1924. The album shows participants in activities of Section K: Botany. This page is inscribed above: ‘Holland Marsh, August 12th.’

Image inscribed below: ‘Prof: H. H. Dixon [Dublin] Prof: Priestley. [Leeds]’.

An account of the British Association gathering, by R D’O Good and A B Rendle, appeared in the Journal of Botany v.63 (1925), pp.1-9. ‘The third excursion from Toronto was to the Holland river sphagnum-bog at Aurora…the time available allowed only a brief examination of the bog, which stretches for miles up a wide valley, but we were able to see one of the most interesting of the local plants, Sarracenia purpurea, in profusion.’

Henry Horatio Dixon (1869-1953) Irish botanist, was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1908.
Joseph Hubert Priestley (1883-1944) British botanist. Professor of Botany at the University of Leeds.

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