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    Lake Cerknica

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    Three figures from issue 191 of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, depicting Lake Cerknica, Slovenia, referred to here as Zirknitz.

    Figure I. Plan view of the lake and surrounding territory, showing the nearby towns, villages, castles and mountainside.
    Figure II. View of Saint Cantian Church, in the town of Škocjan.
    Figure III. Plan view of a cave, referred to here as Podpetschio, [possibly Postojna?], in the Carniola region.

    Illustrations to ‘An extract of a letter written to the Royal Society out of Carniola, by Mr. John Weichard Valvasor R. Soc. S. being a full and accurate description of the wonderfull lake of Zirknitz in that country’ in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol. 16, issue 191 (December 1687). Original illustration of figure III was first shown at a meeting of the Society on 14 December 1687, and can be found in MS/131 p.73.

    Johann Weikhard Freiherr von Valvasor (1641-1693), Austrian natural historian, was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1687.
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    Johann Weikhard von Valvasor (1641 - 1693, Austrian)
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