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    Fossils of marine animals

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    Agostino Scilla (1629, Italian) , Painter
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    14 studies of marine animals and fossils from a review of Agostino Scilla’s La vana speculatione disingannata dal senso (1670).

    Figs. 1-6 Study of the head and teeth of a shark, here styled Pesce vacca.
    Fig. 7 Study of the jaw and teeth of a Dentex fish.
    Fig. 8 Study of the petrified teeth of dog fishes and sharks called Glossopetrae.
    Fig. 9 Study of a long spine sea urchin, here styled Hystrix spinis longissimis imperati.
    Fig.10 Study of a fossilised sea urchin in white stone, found near Messina, Sicily, Italy.
    Fig. 11 Study of a specimen of fossilised sea urchins.
    Fig.12-13 Study of the fossilised vertebrae of fishes.
    Fig. 14 Study of fossilised dentalia and cochlites, found in the rocky mountains of Calabria, Italy.

    Plate to La vana speculatione disingannata dal senso: lettera risponsiva circa i corpi marini, cbe petrificati si trovano in varij luoghi terrestri published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol.19, issue 219 (Feb 1696) pp.181-201.

    Agostino Scilla (1629-1700) Italian painter, palaeontologist, geologist and pioneer in the study of fossils.
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