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    Giant's Causeway

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    Edwin Sandys (Irish) , Painter
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    Landscape view of the Giant’s Causeway in the County of Antrim, Ireland. Further figures of the east side of the causeway from a low vantage showing an elevated view of the basalt columns, top left as viewed and a detail of the columns showing the variety of shapes and joints, top right as viewed.

    Inscribed title ‘A true prospect of the Giants Cawsway near Pengore-Head in the County of Antrim. About six miles to the North West of Colerain, Taken from the North West by Edwin Sandys. 1696. At the expense of the Dublin Society, the Rt Honble. Sr. Cyril Wich Kt. President, the Rt. Reverd. Dr. Ashe Bishop of Cloyne & William Molyneux Esqr. Vice Presidents.’

    A correct draught of the Giants Causway in Ireland, with an explication of the same, published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol.19, issue 235 (December 1697).

    A The great Cawsway which is from B to C 135 yards from D to E 120 yards, from F to G 64 yards.
    H The unperfect Cawsway which is 120 yards long
    I Stones the same of the Cawsway which lye on their sides in the hill
    K Rocks in ye sea which appear to be the same sort of stone,
    L The organs which are pillars ye same with ye Cawsway.
    M The Chimneys which are stone and make that Figure.
    Note there are several of these kind of stones seen in the sides of the Rocks. The prockt line in the Cawsway shews how farr the sea flows at high water.’

    ‘These figures represent al the varieties of joynts that make up ye several sorts of columns some of them apart, others joyning together. 1. A joynt of 3 sides. 2. A joynt of 4 sides. 3. A joynt of 5 sides. 4. Of 6 sides, 5. Of 7 sides, 6. 6. A larger & smaller joynt of 8 sides. AAAA Round cavities of convexitys by which each joynt adapts its self to the next unmediated joynt above or below it. BBBB columns of several sorts expressed large & joyn’d together, the better to shew ye way how ye several figured pillars stand together in ye cawsway.’
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    Thomas Molyneux (1661 - 1733, Irish) , Physician
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