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Image number: RS.8638
Credit: © The Royal Society
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Oak bush-cricket legs




Franz Andreas Bauer (1758-1840, Austrian), Microscopist

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height (painting): 238mm
width (painting): 154mm


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   > animal
      > insect


Plate 21 figures 10-13 from the paper "Farther observations on the feet of animals whose progressive motion can be carried on against gravity", by Everard Home, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol.106 (1816), pp.322-330. Four leg details from a specimen of Oak bush-cricket (Locusta varia) at x36 and x625 magnification. The paintings are inscribed above with publication and plate details, the latter repeated and figure numbers amended. Not signed. Royal Society stamp verso. The board is apparently cropped from a larger original set of illustrations and an insciption in ink verso indicates that there were originally eight figures: "Fig.1. magnified 36 times. Figs: 2,3,4, mag: 625 times. Fig: 5 magnified 16 times. Figs: 6,7,8, mag. 225 times."

Object history

An illustration produced for publication in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.

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